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Many men are taught that being a man, part of being a man, is to know and follow spo


It is a great seduction to men for many reasons, not all are the camaraderie and team

play so often called on to instruct the young. There are a few exceptions for sure. I am speaking to the general testosterone medication involved with winning and losing, and how most men can think they are winners for following winning teams, or at least winning individuals. Their testosterone levels go up in a win and down with a loss, they become compelled to get a winning fix, and like many self medication situations, addictions love company.

Growing up, I would not take second place as a place for me. I also used my body to full capacity, tying more than one record with 10’s of thousands of kids in the statistical file. I might have been able to succeed at sports at some professional level, but I just said no.

I became aware of what competition did to me, and I was not going to live my life that way. I began to see what a time consumption sports were, especially TV spectator sports. I’m still for playing and exercising and competing in an intelligent and honest way. Not the way of professional sports, with its gladiator mentality and cult like conformity.

Growing up I heard the theory that sport was a diversion for men to going to war. In time I have come to see it as a war mentality stasis point. In the US sports are cited for many a military and political adventure. Who doesn’t want their team to win after all? And who then would be for the enemy? Particularly in young people regarding the lead up to the last war, it seemed seamless for many to just transfer the our team to the cause of the fighting, when in truth, the truth itself is not determined that way. So these men who do are set up to be both manipulated and led down any path the mangers desire. That is slavery.

So why young and old, left and right take in their favorite teams, and stream out to golf courses to divert their energies from the issues of the day. It is no wonder that women carry most of the weight for society, for men are often out playing with themselves and feeling all manly and righteous about doing so.

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